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Popular musician, Vibe Billions escapes death in Calabar

Popular Nigerian musician Ugwu Chukwuma Abel, aka Vibe Billions, on Saturday escaped death while performing at the Calabar event Center.
It was gathered that some robbers had stormed the village at about 1am and shot repeatedly into the air while dispossessing fun seekers of their belongings.
Several persons sustained various degrees of injuries from gun shots.

According to reports, while Vibe Billions was on stage, the bandits came and carted away some of his belongings.

Speaking with News35, an injured shop owner in the village, Glory Andem, said the presence of robbers became obvious when some spectators started throwing bottles at the musician.

She said, “It was a serious situation and I got injured. What happened was that some guys came into the village and tried to rob Vibe Billions while performing.

“They were throwing bottles and other things at him. Before we knew it, they brought out guns and started shooting. Some security men immediately rushed to the singer. But even with the security, the robbers rushed at him and removed his clothes and collected things from him.

“They would have killed that guy. To be honest, I don’t know how he managed to escape. You know there are several thousands of people in the event usually and the situation led to a serious pandemonium.

“They broke up everything in my shop. They took all my money. They robbed a lot of shops. Our chairs were broken. Everybody was running at the same time. It was a terrible experience.

“Several cars were vandalised. They broke the cars to steal from them. At a point, the lights went off and I thought I was going to die. As I speak with you, I have a serious cut from the incident and I want to go to a hospital to take a tetanus injections.”

Meanwhile, the state Commissioner of Police, Jeimoh Azi-Obeh, said it was not a robbery attack, but a misunderstanding between the organisers.

“There was no robbery incident in Calabar and nobody was attacked by robbers in any other part of Cross River State.

“What happened was that the government had initially planned to host the musician at the stadium, but the plan was changed to the Calabar Christmas Village event Center. They probably had misunderstanding with the organisers”, he said.

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