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Rock TALK!! How Burna Boy’s Gang Shot Man’s “Gbola” At Obi Cubana’s Club (Details)

In the early hours of Wednesday, Burnaboy’s security allegedly shot two people at Cubana’s club.

ROCK FM Nigeria gathered that, his security guys shot two individuals at Cubana around 1 a.m. on Wednesday.

According to other eyewitnesses, the security guards scraped one of the victim’s heads before shooting him.

Burna Boy and his gang were said to have arrived at the club, and one of his guys ordered that a girl be bought for him. He has no idea that the aforementioned girl is married and that she is in the club with her husband.

Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls revealed that Burna’s boys got upset after the girls who refused to abandon her husband for them took out her phone to record herself dancing. Burna’s boys asked that they should put the phones away, the girl and her friends refused. This resorted into a big argument leading to gunshots from Burna’s boys.

The fight got messier outside as both parties stormed out and fought dirty.

“One guy had his forehead shot and the other around his blokos area but not the actual blokos (Gbola). The 2 injured we luckily rushed to the hospital by some good Samaritans. Now the police have been involved. Some arrest have been made but they are now in search of the main shuuters.” Cutie wrote

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