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Vibe Billions says he was homeless before B Red came to his rescue

Ugwu Chukwuma Abel, the Nigerian Singer better known as Vibe Billions, has detailed his struggles after leaving Oojee Records.

Vibe Billions got signed to Oojee in February 2019 and left in 2022 following the expiration of his four-year recording contract.

Speaking in a recent episode of #streetexperience, the Singer said he became homeless for almost a year after leaving the label.

Vibe Billions said his struggles continued until B Red, the ace Singer, came to his aid.

“My deal with them was done and they refused to continue because I wasn’t doing well at that time,” he said.

“So,BRed called me and said there is this song I’m hearing everywhere, I was told you sang it.

“I asked him if he was talking about ‘Aka Chukwu’ and he said yes. Then he asked if I wasn’t going to shoot the video. I told him I was homeless and didn’t even have a place to stay not to talk of shooting a video. Then he asked me to send my account and promised to send me money for the shoot.

“I got the money shortly after sending the account number. I was like, this guy wasn’t even my friend. My life around after that video shoot”.

The singer also reflected on being born into a poor family and how he engaged in several menial jobs to get money.

“Growing up was really though. It was depressing then because things my peers could afford, I couldn’t. As a kid then, I felt bad,” he added.

“I did a lot of things back then just to get money including helping other students with their homework. I came from a very poor family.”

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